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The Essentials

A wedding Month Of Coordinator is a planning package that ensures that everything runs smoothly on one of the biggest days of a couple's life. We're responsible for making sure that everything from the ceremony to the reception goes according to plan.

We work closely with our couple to understand their vision and ensure that their dreams come to fruition. Our duties include coordinating with vendors, managing the timeline, and solving any last-minute issues that may arise.

We're essentially the glue that holds the entire day together, ensuring that our couple can relax and enjoy their special day without any worries.

A wedding Month Of Coordinator is an essential part of any successful wedding, and we help make sure that the day is as perfect as our couple has always imagined.


The Classic

Our Partial Planning Package is a service provided to help couples who have already started planning their wedding but need a little extra help. This package offers more than our Month Of but less than Full Planning. The Partial Planning package typically includes assistance with vendor referrals, contract review, timeline creation, and coordination of the wedding day. We will work with the couple to understand their vision and priorities, and then provide guidance and support to ensure that everything runs smoothly. With a partial planning package, couples can be confident that they have expert help along the way to make their wedding day as special as possible.


The Luxe

Our Full Planning Package is a comprehensive service provided to assist couples in planning every aspect of their wedding from start to finish. This package includes everything in the partial planning package, such as vendor referrals, contract review, timeline creation, and coordination of the wedding day, as well as additional services like budget management, venue selection, design and decor assistance, and RSVP tracking. With a full planning package, couples can relax knowing that we are taking care of every detail to make their special day unforgettable.


Wedding Designer Package

Our Wedding Design Package is a comprehensive service provided to assist couples in designing and decorating their wedding venue. This package includes services such as theme development, color scheme selection, help and communication with florist, and table settings. With a wedding design package, couples can rest assured that we will create a cohesive and beautiful design that reflects their personalities and preferences.


Destination Wedding

Our destination wedding package is a type of wedding where our couple and their guests travel to a location outside of their hometown or country to get married. Our Destination Wedding Package often involves a longer celebration and may include activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. Our popular destination wedding locations include beaches, mountain resorts, and historic cities. Our couples may choose a destination wedding to combine their wedding and honeymoon or to create a unique and memorable experience for themselves and their guests.


Micro Wedding

Our micro wedding package is for a small and intimate wedding ceremony with a limited guest list. It typically involves fewer than 50 guests and may be held in a non-traditional venue such as a backyard or small restaurant. Micro weddings are becoming increasingly popular as couples opt for a more intimate and personalized wedding experience. Despite their smaller size, micro weddings can still include many of the traditional elements of a larger wedding, such as a ceremony, reception, and dinner.

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We had such a great experience with Amy!  We are so grateful we booked her for our Day-Of coordinator.  If we could go back we definitely would've booked her to be our full-time wedding planner. (weddings are a lot of work) But nonetheless, she did a fantastic job.  She was there to answer all of my emails, & texts, months leading up to the wedding & even the day of.  She handled all the needs and made sure everything ran smoothly. She did a great job at handling the rowdy excited grandma and even handled the cake mishap without me even realizing something happened. I can laugh now but that would have definitely stressed me out. She helped the day run as seamlessly as possible and took away all of the stress from me.  This allowed me to enjoy the day.  Thanks again Amy!!

Amanda S.
Charlotte, NC

Amy and her team were very sweet and easy to work with.  They did a wonderful job and kept me up to date on everything.  She created the vision I had in my head and I had so many compliments on how beautiful everything was.  People were saying it looked like a vision off of a movie. I will use her again for my birthday dinner!  I loved her, she is an absolute YES!! 

Rolanda P.
Columbia, SC

For over a decade the team at JuJu Lee Events have been helping clients create beautiful experiences.  If you are looking to enjoy an unforgettable retreat, celebrate a memorable life event, or create the wedding of your dreams, we have you covered.    Contact us today and let's make magic happen together.

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